How to Draw A City Easily

Draw A City

How to Draw A City. Cities are great places to get lost and explore as much as you want.

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A big city can feel like another world and has served as the backdrop for some of the greatest stories, movies, and comics ever made.

They are also popular with people to draw, which is why a guide on how to draw a city is essential for this.

This tutorial in front of you will show you how to do it. We, therefore, recommend reading to the end! We hope you enjoy this step-by-step guide to drawing a city!

How to Draw A City

Step 1

A city is a whole made up of many individual parts. So, in this guide to drawing a city, we’re going to build them up slowly.

Since there are many straight lines in this guide, it will be much easier if you have a ruler handy.

Using this ruler, draw a horizontal line that your buildings will move forward on. You should draw this line with a pencil for now, as there will be some machines that will break this line in a later step.

Once you’ve drawn this line, you can use your ruler to draw the two buildings that we show in our reference image. Once you’ve drawn these aspects, you’re ready for step 2!

Step 2

In this part of your city drawing, you will start building the layers of the city. Using your ruler, you can draw a small rectangular building to the right of the buildings you drew earlier.

So you can draw two buildings with pointed roofs behind this rectangular building and next to the first two. This gives the impression that these buildings are in the background.

Step 3

The buildings that you will draw in this step of our how-to draw-a-city guide will appear to the right of the other buildings that you have drawn.

These will be square and rectangular, and you will also draw the side of the buildings. This completes most of the city layout, and we will add some details in the next few steps.

Step 4

You have all the buildings for your city drawing, and now you can add some details.

Cities are full of unique architecture, and that’s why we used a different design for the details of each building to make it unique.

You can mimic the themes we used in our example, but you can also change the themes a bit for your theme if you want to give it a personal touch.

Step 5

In this step of our guide to drawing a city, we’re going to breathe some life into the city! To do this, you can draw some simple drawings of cars on the street in front of the buildings.

Two go to the right, one to the left. If you used a pencil for the road line, you can draw over it with the pen and erase the pen once the pen ink is dry.

Step 6

In this step of drawing your city, avoid the cars.

All you have to do is draw another horizontal line under the cars parallel to the top line of the road. Then draw a series of short lines down the middle of the road.

Step 7

Before we start adding some color to your city, we want to add a few more details in this guide to drawing a city.

For our details, we drew some clouds over the city and also some birds flying over it. This is to show that it’s a beautiful day out on the town, but you can also tweak these details to suit your preferences!

If you want, you can draw some rain clouds to make the picture more moody, or you can add some details like a helicopter or airship on top.

Step 8

Now that your city drawing is complete, you can bring it to life with some paint! Just by using color and a few small details, you can create unique moods for your picture. A few more muted tones and mediums give your city a moody, rainy look.

On the other hand, brighter colors and mediums would make this metropolis bright and cheerful!

It’s up to you, and we can’t wait to see how creatively you bring this image to life with your colors.

Your City Drawing is Finished!

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