Singapore Zoo: The best wildlife experience in Singapore


Usually, when someone says Singapore, images of towering skyscrapers, gardens by the bay, or delicious and exotic food come to mind. The Singapore Zoo, however, is among Singapore’s most incredible locations. The Singapore Zoo is also known as the Mandai Zoo and is one of the best and biggest zoological gardens in the world . It is particularly known for its large and open enclosures that resemble the natural habitats of the animals. The zoo has earned a number of national and international honours in addition to holding more than 2,800 animals from 300 species from regions around the world. You can also order tickets for the Singapore Zoo from a variety of travel agencies.


The zoo has a rainforest based theme and is divided into ecological zones that highlight different species in various parts of the world that coexist in the wild. The Australasian zone explores Australia’s region and has exhibits of kangaroos and wallabies. and offers a look into the wilderness in the region with some of the planet’s most adorable and unique mammals. A bunch of elephants from Asia reside in the Elephants of Asia zone, which covers about an entire hectare. Visitors can witness the elephants play and graze while also learning social skills through their handler. 

Singapore Zoo

All of the animals from the African plains gather in Wild Africa, arguably the most visited area of the zoo. Here, we can find animals like the African lions, different species of cheetahs and zebras, giraffes and meerkats in addition to many more animals.

In the reptile garden, tourists can see animals that have been there for a very long period. Visitors can enter RepTopia to see nighttime wildlife, including a variety of tortoise species, crocodile species, snake species, and more that are rarely spotted for a variety of reasons. Explore the tropical rainforest’s canopy and the wildlife that call it home by taking the Tree Tops walk. Visitors can observe monkeys, siamangs, lemurs, gavials, and tamarins swinging from the treetops and interacting with one another in this region. The scenes look straight out of a comic or a cartoon and are definitely something for the kids.

The next place, Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia, has baboon, mongoose, and jackal exhibits, as well as a lovely waterfall where the animals spend their time running about. The natural beauty of the African countryside, as well as the harmonious cohabitation of its numerous animal communities, are highlighted in this display. Six distinct species of monkeys may be seen swinging among the trees and enjoying life in an exotic and tropical setting at the primate kingdom, a big island location where primates of many different species are carefully cared for. Each species gets its own island home where it can enjoy more luxuriant vegetation that is appropriate for its habitat.

The Frozen Tundra, which is exotic as a whole itself, invites visitors to explore a region that is well known but never visited. Visitors can see raccoon dogs and wolverines that live in the icy tundra areas of Earth in the Frozen Tundra area. It even has an adorable polar bear which will warm your heart.

The Fragile Forest is home to numerous species, from two-toed sloths to rhino beetles. Learn about how sensitive this crucial ecosystem is to the rest of the world as you enter the biodome that houses the zoo’s tropical rainforest. Visitors will enjoy exploring the Fragile Forest in search of insects, birds, amphibians, and reptiles that are hiding in the vegetation.  

The Singapore Zoo offers a variety of extra activities in addition to the regular displays to enhance tourists’ experiences with the animals. These consist of feeding times, animal performances, behind-the-scenes excursions, and even a special breakfast experience dubbed “Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife,” where guests can eat in the orangutans’ company.The “Splash Safari” shows the zoo’s cutest sea lions exhibiting natural behaviour routines and splashing around the water container and even playing frisbee with people on occasion. The Shaw Amphitheatre hosts the “Rainforest Fights Back” show where actors and performers participate alongside the animals in the show, which has an evil poacher who is thwarted by the locals and the animals of the rainforest.


All anyone can say is that every visitor who visits the Singapore Zoo has a memorable experience. It is a must-see destination for any Singapore visitor and is proven to turn into a great addition to your trip. So pack your luggage and come experience the beauty of wildlife while learning about the many different types of animals on this earth. 


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